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The Awesome New XTA MX36 Console - A Unique Solution To Multiple Outputs

XTA's new MX36 speaker switching system has been designed to offer a uniquely simple solution to the long-standing problem of routing of multiple mixing consoles outputs to a speaker system / system processor.

XTA have created a unit to ensure the show can go on, no matter what happens; you need backups of backups! They know you need a way to automatically switch between them if the primary signal path drops out. You need the ability to work with any sample rate on any AES input. To perform this across not just stereo pairs, but four channels simultaneously (L/R/FF/Sub).

It handles four simultaneous inputs across three source types (analogue, AES and Dante – 36 individual inputs) and even when you’re not monitoring a source it will be. It will be checking the signal integrity and will auto-select the highest priority source seamlessly if anything fails.

Handling 36 inputs in 2U across analogue, AES and Dante networks, these are arranged in sets of four (to typically support Left-Right-Front Fill and Sub feeds from an individual console).

There is also no need for control software, no PC* and no way for this to be tampered with remotely.

It's simple to use -

All you have to do is press A, B or C to choose what’s routed to the four outputs (again all available in analogue, AES and Dante flavours simultaneously with the option for external sync on the AES outputs).

Feed in a stereo source direct to the MX36 for background music and a mic for announcements. Plug in some headphones and monitor every individual feed from any source, plus check what’s on the outputs and even verify your redundancy failovers beforehand.

Once you’re happy, lock it all down and walk away, safe in the knowledge that the MX36 will keep the music playing, with dual redundant power supplies, and XTA’s 25+ years of DSP knowledge ensuring your audio is treated with kid gloves through the best audio conversion.


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