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“The best one stop sound and light rental and shop in the whole of Warwickshire and easily in the West Midlands! An absolute pleasure to deal with! Never short on advice and can make anything you want to do work! Top guys!” 

Ally Mullins

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GDS Install @ Manchester Bowlers Arena

GDS Install @ Manchester Bowlers Arena

GDS Installation Services

GDS Producion for Scott Mills & Filthy Girl

GDS Production with Scott Mills @ Filthy Girl

GDS Hire/Rental Services


Ink Nottingham

Long Term Audio & Lighting Rental

GDS Production for DJ EZ @ TRMNL

GDS Production with DJ EZ @ TRMNL

Repairs, Servicing, Re-calibration & Fine Tuning

GDS Sound & Light offer professional Audio Visual Installation Services including design and installations for all types of public, private, corporate and commercial venues or requirements. We design, install and maintain an ever expanding portfolio of high profile venues and clients across the UK and Worldwide.  We have been providing high quality bespoke, professional AV installations for over 50 years so you can be sure "we know pro audio".

  • Sound System Installation & Design

  • Audio Visual Installation & Design

  • Stage Lighting Services

  • Stage Lighting Design 

  • Stage Sound Services

  • Event Lighting & Sound

  • Event Design

  • Technicians/System Operators

  • Special Projects and Bespoke Installations

  • Automation, Operation and Control

  • Environmental Lighting Installation

  • All Venues and Events of all sizes catered for


Whether it's wedding venues, sports events, entertainment, festivals, clubs, bars, charity events, theatres, hotels, offices, colleges or something different, with over 50 years in business and a talented portfolio of work, you can have confidence our experienced team of sound and visual designers and technicians are on hand to ensure your venue or event realises its full potential.

Our complete and exhaustive services are designed to take the hassle away from planning and realising your event or project. Whether it's help designing and specifying the most suitable system for your needs, complete venue installation and set up, stand alone system supply or system/venue operation control to maximise the capabilities of the system or just make things easier to use and manage.....

GDS Install @ Filthy Girl Mud Run

GDS Production @ Filthy Girl Mud Run

Audio Visual Installation | Sound System Installation | Audio Visual Systems

Audio, Lighting & AV Installation Services

GDS Install @ the VIP Lounge

Our experts will ensure you get the absolute best service, products and systems available at unbeatable prices. 


We also provide servicing and maintenance services packages for installations, venues and systems, with on-call engineers to make sure equipment is kept up and running. 

In addition to the assurance of quality, you get your venue or event complete systems installed and managed by a single installer along with integrated control equipment for ease of use and maintenance. 

Take a look at all the different Audio Installation Services we offer below. If you would like to discuss your options, get a quote, get some advice or just find out a little more. Chat with us via live chat, telephone or email.

GDS Install @ the VIP Lounge

Or learn a bit more below

GDS Install @ Rainbow Venues


GDS Install @ Rainbow Venues

Our reputation and roots are built on over 50 years of first class audio productions and highest quality products.


We use only the best names in audio; such as Funktion One (widly regarded as the pinnacle in loudspeakers), XTA, Allen & Heath to ensure all our systems come with tried and tested configurations for optimal compatibility, the best performance and highest quality sound production.


Our complete range of Audio Visual Installations & Designs, Sound System Installations and Audio Visual Systems Services will caters for all types of venues and events big or small;


Music Venues, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Castles, Hotels, Festivals, Offices, Schools, Conference, Theatres and any other venue and anything else in between.

If you would like any advice or information please have a no obligation chat with us today via live chat, email or telephone.

GDS Install @ TRMNL

Automation, Operation & Control

GDS Install @ TRMNL

Our systems utilise only the best automation and control enabling the owners/operators to control their systems with ease and deliver professional audio, lighting and visual outputs easily 100% of the time.

Control and automation can be as simple as direct mounted controls or more high tech multi room, multi component management from varying sources such as audio, visual and lighting centrally controlled via smart touch screen or tablet devices.


The range of applications is endless, but to give you an idea of the potential here are some solutions we often implement. 


  • Combine multiple screens and audio inputs into one easy to manage touch screen application.

  • Auto on/of audio and visual displays based on routines or human presence to offer unrivalled immersion and excellent energy efficiency

GDS Install @ the INK Nightclub

Lighting, AV & Video Installations

GDS Install @ the INK Nightclub

In addition to audio, we offer separate and/or combined services for lighting, image projection, video display screens and video walls from only the best brands.

We design and install stage lighting and AV systems in any type of venue or establishment, of any size for any type of requirement. 

Our AV systems range from videowalls, projectors, locking screens, plamsa, LCD and LED. These are used in venues and events of all kinds for all types of applications from marketing, entertainment, signage, content delivery, education, teaching and festivals.


We can install matrix systems allowing multiple AV sources to be assigned to different screens and speakers.

If you would like any advice or information please have a no obligation chat with us today via live chat, email or telephone.

GDS Install @ the NEC Vape EXPO

Special Projects & Productions

GDS Install @ the NEC Vape EXPO

We specialise in the design and installation of bespoke audio, lighting and video solutions and systems for all types of venues, industries and requirements.


Whether it's outdoor events, product releases, music or entertainment festivals, exhibitions, arenas, hotels, shopping malls or large open spaces our team of season experts will design and deliver the most rewarding system for your needs.


Our special productions at events such as T in the Park, Filthy Girl, TRMNL, Forbidden Forest and TexFest give you the confidence our quality is second to none. 

If you would like any advice or information please have a no obligation chat with us today via live chat, email or telephone.

GDS Install @ the Manchester Bowlers Arena

Stage System Installations

GDS @ the Manchester Bowlers Arena

GDS stage system services; Stage Lighting Services, Stage Lighting Design, Event Lighting, Stage Sound Services 


Providing superlative stage solutions for all types venue, event or requirement.


We design, supply and install exhibition stands, nightclub staging, theatre staging, product release staging and basically anything you need.


We support and enhance countless clients such events such as Bentley, BMW Mini, Filthy Girl, Rainbow Venue, DJ Awards, T in The Park, BBC and so many more to create stages for product releases, Festivals, Entertainment Events and more, be it for one off events or regular usage. 

If you would like any advice or information please have a no obligation chat with us today via live chat, email or telephone.

GDS Install @ Lambourghini

Environmental Lighting Solutions

GDS Install @ Lambourghini

GDS supply quality environmental lighting solutions for aesthetic or practical uses.

Applications for environmental lighting are countess.


Whether you want to improve the visual appearance of your home, business, offices, club, theatre or something else.


Or if you need it for practical uses such as illuminating outside spaces, exits, walk ways, etc then we can help you find the ideal solution.

If you would like any advice or information please have a no obligation chat with us today via live chat, email or telephone.

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