Ex-demo FF-6000(L) Funktion One/Formula Sound DJ Mixer. The mixer is in absolute Mint condition; no marks, scuffs or cosmetic damage at all. Been in a rack/flight case and used probably no more than two to three times for demo purposes. Everything looks, feels and operates as new.



  • 6 Channels
  • A removable fader panel allows the mixer to be easily
  • configured as a linear fader
  • All faders plug in and can therefore be changed easily
  • should the need arise.
  • All switches are illuminated to show system status clearly.
  • 2 push button types have been utilised to ease recognition of frequently
  • used switches.
  • Knob sizes and control spacing has been maximised



To realise the full potential of Funktion One loudspeaker systems it is of vital importance that everything in the signal path is of equivalent quality to the loudspeakers. Choosing to work with an inadequate mixer can fatally impair the performance of a system and even some of the most used models actually sound terrible. Around 2004 we became increasingly frustrated with the lack of audio quality of almost every DJ mixer in the market and resolved to do something about this. We formed a working party of Funktion One sound technicians and DJs to design a layout for a new mixer and then worked in collaboration with Formula Sound to produce the FF4000 which delivers a revolutionary combination of DJ friendliness and stunning sound quality.  


Channel Information

  • 6 Channels.
  • Channels 1 & 2 switchable to Mic - Line, (mic input Lo Z balanced).
  • Channels 3 - 6 are switchable to either phono/line or line. All inputs have rear panel gain trims to set individual levels.
  • Channels 3 - 6 have a concealed switch to select phono or line input.


Front Panel Controls

  • 1 Illuminated input select push switch with adjacent led indicator.
  • 1 Gain pot with adjacent clip indicator and 5 segment led meter indicating signal presence.
  • 3 band E.Q. featuring +6 dB boost and -25dB cut at HF 10kHz, Mid -1kHz & Bass 100Hz
  • Full routing to crossfader A - B or direct to master from all channels. Illuminated push buttons.
  • Cue switch.
  • Rotary or Linear faders on removable panel along with 45mm VCA controlled crossfader.


Master Section

  • Very comprehensive effects routing and mixing facilities
  • Features 2 effects loops A & B with wet/dry mixing controls, punch or latching push switches.
  • Loop Swap facility. Mono switch and bal/pan control.
  • Send and return gain trims to allow correct level matching into any outboard effects processors.
  • Cue switch allows checking of the desired effect before selection.
  • 1 switchable insert on the main outputs.



  •  Master output available in stereo and mono on XLR connectors (balanced)
  • Zone output available in stereo and mono on XLR connectors (balanced)
  • Booth Monitors output switchable to mono on XLR connectors (balanced)
  • Record outputs are provided on phono connectors.


Console Mic

  • An input for a separate console microphone (XLR connector Lo Z Balanced) is fitted. This signal is routed to the zone and master outputs but it is not present in the booth outputs. 2 band E.Q. Cue & Mic ON switch also fitted.



  • Phones outputs are provided on 3.5mm and standard 6.5mm jack sockets driven by a powerful headphone amplifier.
  • Split cue switch and cue mixing control are also featured.
  • 2 x 12 segment stereo led meters are fitted to visually monitor Cue and output signals.



  • Steel Front panel with a rear printed polycarbonate overlay guarantees that the mixer will still look good in years to come.


Ex-Demo Funktion One FF6000(L) - 6 Ch DJ Mixer (Mint)

£1,895.00 Regular Price
£1,608.33Sale Price
  • Frequency response

    E.Q. set flat 20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.5dB

     Maximum output level

    Main output Zone output and Booth monitors output active balanced. +22dBu


    any input < 0.01% typically < 0.005%

    Noise measured 20Hz-20kHz

    Stereo inputs e.q. flat gain set to max EIN < -98dB

    RIAA stage ref. 5mV 1kHz Input shorted -80dBV “A” weighted

    Microphone input (ref 150R) EIN < -124dBU


    Stereo inputs rear trim @ max +/- 15dB

    Stereo inputs rear trim @ min + 0dB -20dB

    Microphone input max + 75db

    Microphone input min + 0dB

    Maximum input level

    Stereo input A (line) +20dBV

    Stereo input A (RIAA) -8dBV 400mV

    Stereo input B +20dBV

    Microphone +4 dBV

    Input Impedances

    Stereo input A > 47k ohms

    Stereo input B > 10k ohms

    Microphone input > 2k ohms active balanced


    3 band e.q. per channel +5dB -23 dB @ Treble 10kHz Mid 1kHz, Bass 100Hz

    Dimensions (Exc. Knobs & connectors):

    Width 483mm (19”) Height 312mm (12.25"-7RU) Depth 110mm (4.33")


Product Rating

“By far the best service I’ve ever experienced. I was importing a product to Canada and the whole experience was quick, easy and seamless. These guys really care about running a good business. Not to mention the price was cheaper than the stores here even after importing. Definitely will do more business in the future.” 

—  Philip Manzon

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