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The New Bubble Haze by Chavuet DJ @ GDS

Check out the new bubble haze coming soon by Chauvet DJ.

It's been gaining a lot of exposure and hype at the moment. This simple but potentially very effective idea has been done before. However the ones we have tried, from QTX for example, have never really lived up to the expectations. The bubble have been lackluster and they often work great for 20 minutes then just seem to fizzle out and become a bit limp....

However GDS think Chauvet may have hit the mark with this one. Check out the video and images, we think you'll agree the effects are pretty cool and seeing it in action properly at the DJ EXPO 2019 removed most concerns it would be like the ones we have seen, tested and used before.

You can also take a look at it in action at the DJ EXPO below, along with a few of their other new products (also looking pretty cool).

The Bubble Haze will be in GDS store very soon. Keep your eye out or sign up with us for the latest news (and some awesome discounts and subscriber only offers).


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