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Latest Rekordbox Update Adds Support for Streaming

As of 10th September 2019 Pioneer DJ Rekordbox software allows you to use tracks from streaming services Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ in your performances.

Pioneer DJ States "Bring infinite new sounds to your sets with rekordbox ver. 5.6.1. Released today, the updated version of our music management software seamlessly integrates with Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+*1. So, you’ll be able to play tracks from either streaming service (subscriptions required) along with those in your rekordbox library when using rekordbox dj."

You can download Pioneer DJ's rekordbx DJ 5.6.1 here: ($129.99)

To use tracks from Beatport with rekordbox dj, you’ll need a subscription to Beatport LINK ($40 per month). Link: and SoundCloud Go+.Link ($9.99 per month):


  • Seamless integration from selected streaming services to rekordbox dj

Stream tracks from Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+, or download via Beatport LINK PRO or PRO+, and use many of the features in rekordbox dj to craft creative sets. The application will analyze the BPM, Key and waveform for each track, and you can set and save Hot Cues and Loops. This means you can perform in the same way you would with music stored on your PC/Mac, and you can mix in tracks from either source whenever you want.

  • Browse Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ charts and playlists via rekordbox dj

Take advantage of the streaming services’ powerful track search features without leaving rekordbox dj. Browse the charts compiled by each platform for different genres of music, as well as user-created playlists, directly from rekordbox dj. Also, with SoundCloud Go+, you can find and select music from your listening history, liked songs, and tracks by people you’re following, all from the tree view within rekordbox dj.

  • Related Tracks: Easily find music related to the track you’re playing

Use the original Related Tracks feature in rekordbox dj to automatically find tracks that are suitable to play next. The list is displayed in the tree view and is based on the metadata of the tracks you’re currently playing*3. This helps you discover music you might not have found by yourself and build sets with tracks that mix together well.


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