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K-Array @ GDS Sound & Light

GDS are proud to announce the K-Array brand to our product collection.

K-array is a renowned manufacturer of unique audio solutions. They are unique on the pro audio market; concentrating on design innovations to facilitate a wide range of "out of the box" solutions for the more abstract requirements (such as the Anaconda flexible line array speaker series, turtle flat speakers and various long speaker and line array solution for various needs).

They like to go against the grain and we applaud them for it. Somehow they manage to provide high quality audio quality while creating the craziest design solutions for any requirement, no matter how obscure.

If you need pro audio equipment to be discreet, fit into the most awkward and tight spaces or solve a unique problem then K-Array have the solution.

GDS sound & Light can provide the all K-Array series & lines as needed, with the satisfaction of knowing our 50+ years of experience and outstanding customer service is there to support you or your business. The K-Array store is here (more products being added daily)

Can't see/Not sure what you're looking for? Just Open Live Chat, Email Us or Give Us a Call. We are confident we can get what you need at the best price!


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