Cookies and Cream

GDS Install at Cookies And Cream Milton Keynes

2 x Pioneer CDJ2000

1 x Pioneer DJM900

2 x Funktion One Resolution 2

2 x Funktion One F218mk2

2 x Funktion One F88 Infill

4 x Funktion One F55 infill upstairs

1 x Mc2 E4-75 Amplifier

1 x Mc2 E45 Amplifier

1 x Mc2 E100 Amplifier

1 X XTA DC1048 Processor

5 x Imove 250s Moving heads

4 x Martin MX1 Scanners

1 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

2 x 1 metre Mirror ball

2 x 3w Par56 Led Cans


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“By far the best service I’ve ever experienced. I was importing a product to Canada and the whole experience was quick, easy and seamless. These guys really care about running a good business. Not to mention the price was cheaper than the stores here even after importing. Definitely will do more business in the future.” 

—  Philip Manzon

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