The DS8000 is a 2U, 8 input to 32 output mic/line distribution system with 16 transformer balanced isolated outputs, and 16 electronically balanced outputs fitted as standard. Input transformers and replacement of the electronically balanced outputs with transformer balanced outputs are available as options.


Featuring all new microphone pre-amps designed by Gottelier award winning Alex Cooper, the DS8000 offers many new facilities including a dual redundant power supply*, simple Outside Broadcast “one to many” split switching and 48V “safe“ functions to prevent tampering.



Subtle panel lighting for dark under-stage environments and the option of adding an ADC card for integration into digital networks, plus bespoke new output transformers all combine to produce a package that enhances its predecessor’s reputation as a flexible, rugged high quality distribution system.


Rugged 2U steel casing with recessed control panel area to avoid damage and accidental adjustments.


Illumination of control panel area for low light conditions.


DC power supply link capability – enables safe fail over mode for paired units in the event of a power loss to either unit.


New design discrete mic preamps with exceptional noise and CMR for incredible performance, even with long cables (typically 120dB at 1kHz). Improved gain range now switchable in 6dB steps from -6dB up to +42dB.


Individual channel 4 segment LED metering with attendant solo and 48V indicators.


Remote control of phantom power on inputs via sensing on FOH and MON outputs.


Individual phantom power on all channels, with “safe” switching for FOH, MON and front panel.


Ground lift circuit switches to prevent hum – separate MON and FOH control.


“O/B Split” modes switchable to feed channel 1’s input to first 16 outputs, or channel 5’s to last 16 outputs.


Solo listen with high power phones amp and external bus to allow other units to be monitored without having to move headphones jack.


DS8000D – go digital

Add even more flexibility with 2 x 8 AES outputs, with wordclock sync and master clock out.


Featuring reassuring XTA quality ADCs operating at 48, 96 or 192k, this is all available in addtiion to the already comprehensive analogue output makeup.


XTA DS8000/D - 8 Channel Mic/Line Distribution System

£1,591.17 Regular Price
£1,416.17Sale Price
  • Inputs
    Max input level: +26dBu
    Differential Impedance 10k
    100Hz CMRR @0dB gain 85dB typ.
    100Hz CMRR @30dB gain 120dB typ.
    1kHz CMRR @0dB gain 85dB typ.
    1kHz CMRR @30dB gain 120dB typ.


    Inputs Transformer Isolated
    As above except:
    Max broad spectrum level: +26dBu
    Max LF level: +16dBu (30Hz)
    Differential Impedance 5k
    Isolation 2.5kV


    Outputs Electronic
    Max output level: +20dBu (600R)
    Diff. Impedance less than 50ohms


    Outputs Transformer Isolated
    Max output level: +10dBu (600R)
    Nominal level: -10dB
    Diff. Impedance less than 150ohms
    Isolation 2.5kV


    Freq. Response 22-22k +0/-0.5dB
    XFMR Option Freq. Response 22-22k +0/-1.5dB

    EIN (0dB gain, 22-22k) less than -101dBu
    EIN (30dB gain, 22-22k) less than -124dBu

    Power 90-240VAC, nominal less than 30W
    Weight (no options) less than 6kg

  • The audio distribution system shall be of an active design providing 8 independent channels in a standard 2 unit, 19″ rackmount enclosure. Each channel shall provide two outputs that are actively balanced, and accessible via rear panel XLR connectors, and two that are transformer isolated and accessible via front panel XLR connectors.


    The input shall accommodate line level signals of up to +26dBu without clipping. Each channel shall provide switched gain adjustment in 9 steps via a front panel control, 48V phantom power shall be selectable via a front panel switch, 4 segment LED metering and ‘Solo’ facility via a front panel switch. Phantom power shall be remotely enabled when 48V power is detected on the ‘Mon’ or ‘FOH’ XLR connectors on the rear panel.The device shall include a headphone ‘Solo’ facility via a 1 / 4 inch phone connector with associated level control.


    Remote phantom power and front panel phantom power switching may be disabled via rear panel ‘Safe’ switches. Ground lift switches shall disconnect the internal ground connection in two banks (inputs 1-4, 5-8). An ‘OB Split’ function shall feed input 1 to outputs 1-4 or input 5 to outputs 5-8 via two rear panel switches with front panel indication.

    The unit shall have the option to have AES digital outputs fitted in addition to the standard analogue outputs. The device shall provide facility to link the ‘Listen’ busses together when using multiple devices.


    The device shall be powered from an internal power supply, which will operate from an 90-240V 50/60Hz power supply. A single unit shall be capable of providing power to another connected unit via a 5 pin XLR power link cable, and this switchover shall be automatic with front panel indcation of the power supply state.


    The audio distribution system shall be the XTA Electronics DS8000.


Product Rating

“By far the best service I’ve ever experienced. I was importing a product to Canada and the whole experience was quick, easy and seamless. These guys really care about running a good business. Not to mention the price was cheaper than the stores here even after importing. Definitely will do more business in the future.” 

—  Philip Manzon

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