Based on its predecessor, the XDJ-1000MK2 improves usability through enhanced track browsing and support for high-resolution FLAC and ALAC audio files. It inherits the large jog wheel and 7-inch, full-colour touch screen from the CDJ-2000NXS2, as well as features such as 8 Hot Cues and Quantize.


Download the rekordbox™ music management software or the rekordbox app to prepare your sets.


Main Features



    Equipped with the same size jog wheel and a 7-inch LCD touch screen as our CDJ-2000NXS2, you get intuitive control over your mix.


    Next to MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF, the XDJ-1000MK2 supports high-quality FLAC and ALAC sound formats up to 48kHz/24-bit. A digital output has been added to send audio without degradation, while the power supply for analogue audio is completely separated from the digital circuit to reduce noise.


    Easily browse your rekordbox library using the rotary button next to the display, or use the Qwerty keyboard to search for specific keywords. Advanced features such as Matching and Track Filter help you play the right track at the right time.


    8 Hot Cues allow instant playback at a preset point, while Quantize allows you to play cue and loop points in time with the music on tracks that have been beat analysed in rekordbox . Use Beat Jump to jump backwards or forwards 1, 2 or 4 beats from the current playback position.


    Add the DDJ-SP1 to your set-up and access even more performance features. Simply plug in a USB cable and control up to 4 XDJ-1000MK2s using Pro DJ Link.


    Pro DJ Link lets you connect up to 4 players or laptops via a simple LAN connection. Combine this with rekordbox and get your hands on enhanced performance features and track info, such as Beat Sync, Beat Countdown, Beat Jump and Phase Meter.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000MK2 rekordbox DJ Controller

  • DJM750MK2

    • A 4 channel mixer with key features and design elements from the DJM-900NXS2
    • Performs seamlessly with Pioneer DJ's XDJ and CDJ multi players
    • Smooth curves on EQs and channel faders
    • Magvel crossfader herited from the DJM-900NXS2
    • Precise response and assured feel for complicated scratching
    • rekordbox dj & dvs included



    • Features enhanced track browsing with full-colour 7" touch screen
    • Quantized Beat Jump/Loop
    • Colour-coded USB ports
    • Inherits the large jog wheel from the CDJ-2000NXS2
    • rekordbox dj software



    • Crystal clear sound with a 50mm driver
    • 4-core twisted-structure cable gives superior left and right channel separation
    • All the HDJ models have cleared the US Military Standard Shock test
    • The housing design reduces pressure on your head, while its outside texture enhances grip
    • HDJ-X headphones feature a refined look and durable construction
    • A compact carry pouch fits snugly around your folded headphones to save space in your luggage
  • General

    • Plays:  AAC,  AIFF,  MP3,  WAV,  ALAC,  FLAC,  iOS version of rekordbox: MP3 and AAC only
    • USB Storage Support:  FAT,  FAT32,  HFS+
    • MIDI Control:  Yes
    • ProDJ Link:  Yes
    • KUVO ready:  Yes
    • Auto Standby:  Yes
    • rekordbox:  Yes


    • Display:  7-inch, full-colour LCD touch screen
    • Playing Address:  Yes
    • Wave Zoom Display:  Yes
    • Phase Meter:  Yes
    • Beat Counter:  Yes
    • On Jog Display:  Yes

    Performance Control

    • Jog Dial size:  206 mm
    • Jog Modes:  CDJ / Vinyl Mode
    • Hot Cue:  Yes
    • Hot Loop:  Yes
    • Active Loop:  Yes
    • Auto Beat Loop:  Yes
    • Beat Jump / Loop move:  Yes
    • Reloop:  Yes
    • Real Time Seamless Loop:  Yes
    • Loop Adjust:  In / Out Adjust
    • Slip Mode:  Yes
    • Beat Sync:  Yes
    • Reverse:  Yes
    • Pitch Bend:  Yes
    • Fader Start / Back Cue start:  Yes
    • Scratch Play / Cue:  Yes
    • Frame Search:  1/150 s
    • Needle Search / Needle Drop:  Yes
    • Vinyl Speed Adjust:  Yes

    Cue Functions

    • Auto Cue:  Yes
    • Manual Cue:  Yes
    • Real Time Cue:  Yes
    • Cue point sampler:  Yes
    • Cue Loop Memory:  Yes


    • Master Tempo:  Yes
    • Tempo Control steps:  0.02 % at +/-6 %,  0.05 % at +/- 10 % & 16 %,  0.5 % at +/-100 % WIDE
    • Tempo Control Ranges (ALAC/FLAC):  +/-6 %,  +/-10 %,  +/-16 %,  +50 ~ 100 % WIDE
    • BPM Counter:  Yes


    • Audio Sources:  Computers (Mac/Windows PC),  USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc.),  iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Android phones/Android Tablets
    • Outputs:  1 ANALOGUE (RCA),  1 Digital (Coaxial)
    • LAN:  1 (100Base-TX)
    • USB:  1 USB A port,  1 USB B port

    Physical & Dimensions

    • Width:  305 mm
    • Height:  110 mm
    • Depth:  382.5 mm
    • Weight:  3.7 kg
    • Frequency Range:  4 - 20,000 Hz
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  115 dB
    • Distortion:  < 0.003 %
    • Audio Output Level:  2.0 Vrms (1 kHz, 0 dB)
    • Power Consumption:  30 W


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