4 Funktion One Res 4T Touring Loudspeakers with wheelboards available. These are the latest models so includes all the latest upgrades etc, Price listed is per pair (selling in pairs only). They are part of our hire stock, in superb condition.


  • Wheelboards included
  • All serial numbered


Funktion One Res 4T Description


The Resolution 4 Touring is a three-way mid-high loudspeaker enclosure perfectly suited for use in medium sized applications.  Typically used two wide for 90 degree overall dispersion, the Resolution 4 can also be used as delay or in-fill with Resolution 5 systems.  Dimensionally identical to the Resolution 5 and 18, this enclosure also shares the same patented point-source flying system making for fast and easily adjustable set up.  All inter-cabinet flying hardware is built into each enclosure leaving no chains, pins or tools to lose.  Furthermore, this system allows secure ground stacking with optimum angle adjustment.  This is a powerful and efficient mid-high enclosure which is designed to be operated as part of a four way system with F218, F121 or F221 bass.  The sonic quality of the Resolution 4 is exceptional.



  • Fully horn loaded for high efficiency
  • Funktion One designed Neodymium drivers
  • Integrated inter-cabinet flying system
  • Captive link lead in recessed cable pocket
  • Identical size to Resolution 5 and 18
  • Supplied with protective wheelboard
  • Optional scrim for discrete appearance






(1W at 1m)





12" 114 - 445Hz 105dB 300W 8Ω
8" 445 - 5k77Hz 108dB 200W 16Ω
1" 5k55Hz - up 109dB 50W  16Ω

*AES rated

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Frequency Response ± 3dB: 114Hz - 18kHz


46 kg (101 lbs)
Nominal Dispersion:  50° Horizontal x 25° Vertical

EP6 panel and captive lead

in cable recess

Funktion One Res 4T Touring Loudspeakers (Used w/ Wheelboards)

£7,399.00 Regular Price
£6,100.00Sale Price
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