Funktion One F124 Bass EnclosureOverview:


The F124 takes Funktion One’s bass loading and driver technology to the next level. Two voice coils and intense magnetic flux control the 24” cone with impressive accuracy, ensuring excellent transient response and extended depth to below 30Hz. This combination of mid-bass speed and impact with low-bass extension from a single enclosure, makes the F124 the perfect bass partner for Evolution systems and other Funktion One mid-high products.







  • New Funktion One designed dual voice coil 24” driver
  • FEA-optimised Neodymium magnet
  • Integral handles
  • Optional wheels
  • Low centre of gravity for easy handling
  • Location pucks & recesses for stacking
  • Available in ultra durable black PU coating
  • or classic Funktion One paint finish
  • Ground stack boards now available for Evo 6 and 7


Funktion One F124 Bass Enclosure

  • Driver 


    (dB SPL at 2.83V/1m) *


    (rms) **



    24" dual

    voice coil


    2x 750W

    2x 8Ω

     (4Ω parallel)


    Frequency Response ±3dB:

                                       -10dB points*:

    35Hz - 160Hz

    27Hz - 200Hz

    Recommended Crossover:

    HPF: 25Hz But24

    LPF: 85Hz LR24



    103kg (227lbs)


    18mm Birch Ply


    Speakon NL4

    (One voice coil wired pins 
    1+/- and the other on 2+/-)


    *  Single cabinet in half space
    ** AES rated


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“By far the best service I’ve ever experienced. I was importing a product to Canada and the whole experience was quick, easy and seamless. These guys really care about running a good business. Not to mention the price was cheaper than the stores here even after importing. Definitely will do more business in the future.” 

—  Philip Manzon

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