The Evolution 7TH is the mid-high section of the Evo 7T. It features 10” mid-range and a 1.4” compression driver for high frequencies. The Evo7TH is significantly smaller that the Evo 7T , making it extremely flexible and adaptable to a number of configurations.


The Evo7TH has an inverted waveguide, meaning the high frequencies and mids mirror perfectly with those of an Evo7T, which enables mutual self-reinforcement for increased reach and audience capacity. The Evo7T, 7TH and 7TL-215 all share the same integrated flying system for fast, accurate and effective rigging. The increase in scalability that comes with the addition of the Evo 7TH and 7TL-215 mean that Evo configurations can comfortably deliver precise and even coverage to audiences of up to 10,000 people.



  • Fully horn loaded for high efficiency
  • Two-way
  • Funktion One designed drivers
  • Integrated flying and ground-stack system
  • Low weight Neodymium magnets throughout
  • Optional Wheelboard 
  • Optional sturdy grill for discrete appearance


Funktion One EVO 7TH Loudspeaker

  • Driver 




    (1W at 1m)





    10" 200 - 4kHz 108dB 250W 16
    1.4" 4kHz - up 109dB  75W 32

    *AES rated


    Frequency Response ± 3dB: 200Hz - 18kHz
    Weight (without wheelboard): 44kg ( 97lbs)
    Nominal Dispersion: 40° Horizontal x 20° Vertical

    2 x Speakon NL4


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