F Series amplifiers are made for Funktion One by English amplifier designers and manufacturers Full Fat Audio (FFA).  The five amplifiers in the range are the excellent high power F100-2 dual power supply amplifier (suited to operating into 2 Ohm loads) and four four-channel amplifiers (F20Q, F40Q, F60Q and F80Q).  The new F20Q is useful for powering distributed systems of small loudspeakers such as the F55 or F81. 


    The F80Q's new electronic design makes it especially suited to powering the Evo 6 and 7 range with exceptional audio quality. 

    All five amplifiers utilise rugged switch modulation power supplies (SMPS) with Class D Pulse Width Modulation amplifier stages.


    The four channel models are also avaliable with internal DSP. Networking, four inputs and six outputs (four via amplifier channels and two via additional signal channels) and intuitive software offer great flexibility for both live and installation. See the DSP product versions in store or just message us.



    • High efficiency FFA Class D technology
    • Optional DSP card (4 channel models only)
    • Rugged tour class Aluminium construction
    • Lightweight
    • Side chain TCA clip limiter
    • Signal link connectors
    • Hand built and designed in England
    • New F20Q and F80Q now available


    F20Q Four Channel Amplifier:

    Output power (Watts RMS) per channel

    8Ω - 250W; 4Ω - 500W; 2Ω - 1000W


    F40Q Four Channel Amplifier:

    Output power (Watts RMS) per channel

    8Ω - 600W; 4Ω - 1000W  


    F60Q Four Channel Amplifier:

    Output power (Watts RMS) per channel

    8Ω - 800W; 4Ω - 1500W  


    F80Q Four Channel Amplifier:

    Output power (Watts RMS) per channel

    8Ω - 1000W; 4Ω - 2000W  


    F100-2 Two Channel Amplifier:

    Output power (Watts RMS) per channel

    8Ω - 1500W; 4Ω - 3000W; 2Ω - 5000W


    Other FFA amplifiers can be supplied on request


    Technical Specifications  

    Gain: 32dB

    THD: Typical 0.05% @ 4Ohm, 1kHz THD+N  

    Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.5dB

    Controls: 40 point potentiometer per channel, power on switch  

    Indicators: signal green = -20dB, signal yellow = -3dB, red signal = clip, signal red protect = over current, low AC mains or 3 sec. mute on power up

    Load Protection: DC on output, side chain TCA clip limiter circuit

    Amplifier Protection: Short circuit, current overload, thermal shutdown, high frequency stability circuit  

    Audio Signal Inputs: Balanced Neutrik® Female XLR input connected Pin 1 - GND, Pin 2 - Hot, Pin 3 - Cold, XLR Male signal throughout each channel

    Audio Signal Outputs: Neutrik® speakON each channel. Channels 1 & 3 output speakON utilises 2+ and 2- connection to allow use of 4 core loudspeaker cable for bi amp loudspeaker system, for example stage monitor system.  

    Power Requirement: 1 x Neutrik® 20A powerCON connector, 2 x 16A 240V VAC circuit. Power range 185V-240V AC  

    System Cooling: High CFM 80mm fan with proportional signal speed control. Rear to front airflow.


    Dimensions: 483mm x 510mm x 88mm. Includes rear rack support. 19'' rack mount enclosure

    Weight: 9kg (F40Q & F60Q); 12kg (F100-2)


    N.B. Please note that the F-Series amplifiers have an opposite airflow to that of the E-Series amplifiers and therefore, when used together in a rack it is advisable to place the F-Series at the top of the rack.

    Funktion One F100-2 2 Ch Amplifier - Dual Power Supply

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