Crown Audio - DCi 4|1250ND Four-channel, 1250W @ 4Ω, Network Display Power Amplifier with AVB



There are two Network Display amplifiers: the 8|600ND and 4|1250ND; both of which boast AVB technology—guaranteeing consistent audio and information delivery. These amplifiers are certified by the AVnu Alliance®




The new DriveCore™ Install series amplifiers is a complete line of high performance installation amplifiers based on the proprietary DriveCore technology. DCi Series amplifiers are designed, engineered and manufactured to the industry’s highest quality standards, and provide system integrators with the advanced features and flexibility required for challenging 21st century installed sound applications. Versatile, compact and highly energy-efficient, DCi Series amplifiers continue the unbroken Crown tradition of leadership in professional and commercial power amplifier technology.










  • Crown’s DriveCore technology includes five patents, providing best-in-class versatility and durability



Innovative Technology


  • The next generation of PWM technology using cutting edge Class D amplifier topologies

  • Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Ethernet transport ports

  • Revolutionary cooling system; focuses airflow on parts that need it most for maximum efficiency




  • Compatible with HiQNet Audio Architect™ software

  • TCP/IP based protocol in HiQnet for network monitoring and control





  • Direct drive ‘constant voltage’ capabilities on channel by channel basis at 70Vrms and 100Vrms

  • Minimum Guaranteed Power Ratings

  • Advanced PFC universal power supply; universal AC input accepts 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz (±10%)


Network & Control


  • Continuous load monitoring

  • Comprehensive error reporting

  • Pilot tone monitoring

  • Programmable general purpose input/output (GPIO) ports



Digital Signal Processing (DSP)



  • LevelMAX™ limiters for inputs and outputs with thermal limiting

  • Input and output delay

  • Input and output EQ

  • Signal generator

  • Crossover



ANALOG & DIGITAL INPUTS – With digital audio transport via HARMAN’s proprietary BLU link, plus balanced analog inputs, DCi gives you a tremendous audio advantage – at a much lower cost. The priority input router allows you to specify a primary input, and if audio is lost the amp automatically switches to the other input.




NETWORK MONITORING & CONTROL – Better monitoring, control and audio manipulation with the HiQnet™ protocol that’s over standard TCP/IP. Remotely see how all networked DCi amplifiers are performing and control them as needed. In addition, this allows Audio Architect software and the Powered by Crown app to work with DCi amplifiers.




PROGRAMMABLE GENERAL PURPOSE INPUT/OUTPUT PORTS – GPIO ports can be configured in many different ways, such as volume controls, recall presets, or to report errors to a master computer.






  • LevelMAX Limiters

  • Input/Output EQ

  • Delay

  • Matrix Mixer

  • Speaker Line Monitoring



TRUE RACK DENSITY – Power points of 300W or 600Win 2-/4-/8-channel configurations – all in a 2 Rack Unit form factor. More channels in one box allow smaller infrastructure rooms that can reduce operational costs while giving you the utmost in installation flexibility.




DIRECT DRIVE CONSTANT VOLTAGE – Save money by using smaller gauge wiring to drive the speakers using either 70Vrms or 100Vrms. With no need for a step-up transformer at the output, the DCi produces higher audio quality much more efficiently. 




CHANNEL INDEPENDENT HI-Z/LOW-Z SELECTION –Drive either one or two speakers in low-Z mode, or literally hundreds of speakers in high-Z mode (70Vrms or100Vrms). This means better design flexibility since DCi powers all loads on a channel-by-channel basis.




BRIDGEABLE CHANNEL PAIRS – Unlike amps from other manufacturers, the DCi Series channels are bridgeable – even in 100Vrms mode – which means even more adaptability for higher power applications such as subwoofers.

REMOTE ON/OFF INTERFACE – Save power by integrating the amplifier into a control system so you can easily turn it on and off.




EFFICIENT COOLING DESIGN – Highly efficient internal cooling fans provide airflow to the most heat-generating parts. Incorporating the fans into the amplifier brick design maximizes cooling while minimizing wasted energy and noise.

ADVANCED POWER FACTOR CORRECTION (PFC) UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY – The most advanced power supply in an installation amplifier delivers power more efficiently in almost any condition than anyone else, resulting in less power dissipated and less heat in your racks.


Crown Audio - DCi 4|1250ND 4 Ch Network Display Power Amplifier with AVB

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  • Performance Specifications 

    Frequency Response (8Ω, 20Hz - 20kHz): ±0.25dB

    AVB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (ref. rated power, 8Ω, 20Hz - 20kHz): 108dB

    Analog Input Signal to Noise Ratio (ref. rated Power, 8Ω, 20Hz - 20kHz): 104dB

    Total Harmonic Distortion (at full rated power, 20Hz - 20kHz): 00.35%

    Voltage Gain (at Maximum Level Setting): 34dB

    Damping Factor (20Hz to 100Hz): 1500

    Input Impedance (nominal balanced, unbalanced): 10kΩ, 5kΩ

    Maximum Input Level before Compression (Low Gain Mode): +20dBu

    Load Impedance Stereo/Dual Mode: 2Ω - 16Ω; 70Vrms and 100Vrms

    Load Impedance Bridge Mono 4Ω - 16Ω; 140Vrms and 200Vrms

    Cooling: Continuously variable speed forced air, front to back airflow

    Maximum Fan Noise (re dBA SPL @ 1M:) 47

    Required AC Mains (±10%): 100V - 240V ~50/60Hz

    IEC Power Connector: 20A IEC


    Physical Specifications

    Width 19 in. (48.3 cm) 19 in. (48.3 cm)

    Height 3.5 in. (8.9 cm) 3.5 in. (8.9 cm)

    Depth 17 in. (42.5 cm) 17 in. (42.5 cm)

    Weight 30 lbs (13.60kg) 30 lbs (13.60kg)


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