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When Judah becomes a successful Jewish prince after the destruction of Jerusalem, Messala wants to kill him for selfish reasons. When the Romans capture Judah's adopted brother, Ithamar, Messala sets out to save him but fails. A Jewish freedom fighter, Iras, betrays Judah, Messala and their friend Abednego to the Romans to give them a chance to escape with Ithamar. While fleeing Judah and Messala rescue Abednego from a lions' pit. However, the Romans catch up with them and they end up on the road to Rome. While there they meet Esther, who helps Judah and Messala escape the lions' pit and save Abednego. However, the Romans kill them. Esther survives, but Judah and Messala perish. In an epilogue, Esther marries Judas, who was given the name Ben-Hur for the events, and bears him the only son of Judah, and raised him as her own son. Judah was the name of Judah Ben-Hur's family. Note: The 1563 play was first published in the preface to the translation of the Odyssey by Benjamin Lyndesay, and the first edition was almost the same as the second 1622 edition; but the translations from the Latin were given in a separate section at the end of the book. In that section William Harrison used the same translation as Lyndesay but did not make the two sections into one. Gorboduc (1566) Gorboduc is a Middle English play by John Weever. It is the only play in Middle English by the Oxford scholar and historian John Weever. Its story concerns the character Gorboduc, who seeks to marry his daughter Arviragus to his enemy Archilaus, and the mysterious birth of the famous poet-saint John of Bridlington. It has no plot in common with Shakespeare's Cymbeline. George Gascoigne's A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres (1575) A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres is a collection of ballads by George Gascoigne. It was first published in 1575, and republished in 1616. It contains "Titus Andronicus" (a chivalric adaptation of Shakespeare's play of the same name) and "Bartholomew Fair" (an adaptation of John Heywood's English version of Aeschylus's The Suppliants). In its arrangement of poems, it is similar to




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