The SX218 Dual Driver 2x18"/4" Direct Radiating Subwooferachieves the ultimate in subwoofer performance for the most demanding applications – delivering very high output levels and superb transient performance with minimal distortion.



  • Dual-driver, direct radiating subwoofer
  • 2 x 18” (460mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil, long excursion, ferrite magnet, waterproof cone
  • Very high output capability
  • Tour-grade plywood enclosure with flying inserts



  • Touring sound reinforcement for small and medium-size venues
  • Fixed installations in concert halls, theatres, ballrooms and HoW
  • Sports stadium, arena installations & corporate AV events
  • Outdoor restaurant, bar and hotel entertainment areas
  • Concourses and Theme Parks


With an operating range of 35Hz-150Hz ± 3dB, it houses dual 18” long-excursion (460mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil drivers with water-resistant cones and triple roll surrounds. Each driver is rated to handle 1000 watts AES, and has a magnet structure and suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion.


The enclosure is constructed from multi-laminate birch ply and finished with a durable polyurea coating. Eight reflex ports provide a large frontal area to reduce turbulent air noise, and a perforated steel grille protects the drivers from damage.

The product is supplied as standard without cabinet wheels, but they are available as an accessory.


By adding the input board cover accessory, SX218 is fully weather resistant and suitable for permanent outdoor usage.

    Martin Audio SX218 - Dual Driver 18" Passive Subwoofer

    SKU: GDSSX218
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    • TYPE Dual-driver, direct radiating subwoofer
      FREQUENCY RESPONSE (1) 35Hz – 150Hz ±3dB,
      -10dB @ 30Hz
      DRIVER 2 x 18” (460mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil, long excursion, ferrite magnet, waterproof cone
      RATED POWER (2) 2000W AES, 8000W peak
      SENSITIVITY (10) 105dB
      MAXIMUM SPL (9) 144dB
      DISPERSION (-6DB) Omnidirectional/or Cardioid (paired)
      ENCLOSURE Multi-laminate birch/poplar ply
      FINISH Durable Polyurea Coating
      PROTECTIVE GRILLE Black perforated Zintec
      CONNECTORS 2 x NL4 type
      PIN CONNECTIONS (INPUT) LF1: 1+, 1- LF2: 2+, 2-
      PINS CONNECTIONS (LINK) LF1: 1+, 1- LF2: 2+, 2-
      • Two skids on base, with mating channels on top
      • 24 x M10 mounting points
      • 4 x bar handles, 2 on each side
      • 4 x fittings for optional transit cover
      • (W) 1085mm x (H) 537mm x (D) 792mm
        (920mm including castors)
      • (W) 42.7in x (H) 21.1in x (D) 31.2in
        (36.2in including castors)
      • 98.5kg (217lbs) w/o castors
      • 102kg (225lbs) with castors


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    “By far the best service I’ve ever experienced. I was importing a product to Canada and the whole experience was quick, easy and seamless. These guys really care about running a good business. Not to mention the price was cheaper than the stores here even after importing. Definitely will do more business in the future.” 

    —  Philip Manzon

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