The Resolution 5E presents a series of cost effective options for the installation and touring world alike, bridging the application gap between the Skeletal and Full Touring versions of the Resolution 5 in terms of enclosure design features. With equal sound quality to the full touring Resolution 5, the 5E is supplied in a simplified 'trapezoid' enclosure without the built in flying hardware provided on the full touring version.


A dedicated (external sword type) flying system specific to the Resolution 5E will make this product a highly attractive choice in applications where rigging and derigging is infrequent. It is obviously also ideally suited to ground stacked use which is facilitated by a comprehensive stacking board system. 



  • Choice of Ceramic or Neodymium drivers
  • Simplified enclosure ideal for ground stack touring or for permanent installations
  • Same sonic performance as full touring version
  • Dedicated installation flying hardware available if required
  • Optional Wheelboard (as supplied with full touring version)
  • Ground Stack Securing system available
  • Optional scrim for discrete appearance
  • Resolution 4DE simplified downfill and R18E also available



Funktion One RES 5E Loudspeaker

  • Driver 




    (1W at 1m)





    12" 114 - 445Hz 105dB 300W 8Ω
    8" 445 - 7k55Hz 111dB 200W 16Ω
    1" 5k77Hz - up 113dB 50W  16Ω

    *AES rated

    Go to crossover settings


    Frequency Response ± 3dB: 114Hz - 18kHz

    Weight (Neodymium):


    49kg (108lbs)

    60kg (132lbs)

    Nominal Dispersion:  25° Horizontal x 20° Vertical

    EP6 chassis connectors

    (one male & one female)



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—  Philip Manzon

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