The PM-100 is a professional, modular production mixing system, designed to give complete flexibility. It boasts an extensive range of features.


The PM-100 is a creative tool designed to give complete flexibility for both the operator and the installer. The facilities it offers are extensive whilst still being easy to use.


For use in discotheques, clubs, broadcast and production studios, audiovisual presentations and any other situation where a combination of sources need to be controlled. The mixer is designed to give exemplary technical performance and is built to the highest standards of mechanical engineering.


Product Features

  • The input module has been cleverly designed to accept input sources of virtually any type.
  • A rapid action switch on the front panel selects between 2 sources.
  • Input module can be supplied with either linear or rotary faders.
  • 2 independent headphone monitoring sections.
  • VCA controlled crossfader and contour control.
  • Stereo inserts provided at either end of the crossfader to allow the connection of external filters, processors, etc.
  • Priority input to help comply with fire regulations.
  • The master module can be placed in any position in the mixer - right, left, centre, etc to suit the individual operator.

Formula Sound PM100 8-Ch Production Mixer with 8-Ch Chassis Rack Mount

£1,998.00 Regular Price
£1,795.00Sale Price
  • Frequency response
    E.Q. set flat


    20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.5dB

    Maximum output level
    Main output and Zone output active balanced.                                                                                                                                  



    Stereo, auxiliary, mic busses etc. to related O/P's



    < 0.01% typically

    Noise measured 20Hz-20kHz
    Stereo inputs e.q. flat gain set to max
    RIAA stage ref. 5mV 1kHz Input shorted
    Microphone input (ref 150R)                                



    EIN < -98dB -80dBV "A" weighted EIN < -124dBU


    Stereo inputs rear trim @ max
    Stereo inputs rear trim @ min
    Microphone input max Microphone input min



    +/- 15dB
     + 0dB -20dB
    + 75db
    + 0dB

    Maximum input level
    Stereo input A (line)
    Stereo input A (RIAA)
    Stereo input B



    -8dBV 400mV
    +4 dBV

    Input Impedances
    Stereo input A
    Stereo input B
    Microphone input



    > 47k ohms
     > 10k ohms
    > 2k ohms active balanced

    3 band e.q. per channel +5dB -20 dB @



    Treble 10kHz
    Mid 1kHz,
    Bass 100Hz

    Installation Cut-out

    Height 75mm Width 483mm ( 19" ) Width 330mm ( 13" ) Width 635mm ( 25" ) Length 230mm Height 312mm Width:- 4 channel 280mm. 8 channel 433mm. 12 channel 585mm

    Balanced outputs

    outputs For unbalanced operation strap pins 1&3 to ground and use pin 2 hot. This will result in no loss of output level or performance.



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