The Formula Sound FSM-400 is a fixed format mixer designed for the professional DJ or small installation.


Formula Sound are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of audio equipment and the FSM-400 is built to their usual high standards of construction and audio quality. Although the FSM-400 is a fixed format design the use of individual circuit cards per channel improve reliability and aid servicing should the need arise.


The FSM-400 is primarily aimed at the professional DJ but will also be used in smaller installations where a four channel mixer with each channel switchable to two inputs can be utilised.


Main Features

  • Professional Club / DJ Mixer
  • 7-Stereo Inputs / 1 Balanced Mic Input
  • 3-Band EQ Per Channel
  • 2 Headphone Outputs
  • 19in Rackmountable


Product Features

  • Three band equalisation is fitted to all inputs
  • Channels 2 to 4 have internal jumpers to provide 2 gain settings per input
  • Push button switches are used for input selection
  • New design of crossfade circuitry
  • Illuminated push buttons, led meters and indicators
  • All connectors are fitted to the back face
  • Integral fully regulated power supply
  • Alps pot and faders throughout
  • Remote music mute
  • Split monitoring
  • Transformer isolated trigger output
  • Sub bass output



    Formula Sound FSM-400 4ch DJ/Club Mixer

    SKU: GDSFSM400
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      • 7 stereo inputs, 3 of which may be selected to RIAA
      • 1 balanced mic input
      • 3 band E.Q. per channel. (specially tailored for this mixer). E.Q. range +5dB to 20dB
      • Fully assignable crossfader, stereo channels
      • 2 gain settings per input on channels 2,3 + 4 (internal jumpers). The gain range is normal ±15dB or low setting +2dB to -19dB
      • Music dim button to allow talk over
      • Individual circuit cards per channel
      • Zone, booth outputs (mono or stereo)
      • Internal selection provided for the unit to be set to individual needs
      • Main output (balanced). Separate mono main output
      • 2 pairs record outputs (music only & programme)
      • 2 headphone output jack sockets
      • Long life crossfader and Punch button


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