Chauvet DJ Soundswitch DMX Lighting Display Hardware/Software


SoundSwitch is a cutting edge hardware/software bundle that lets users create DMX lighting displays that are played back in time with audio files when played back live in Serato DJ or Virtual DJ.  It allows DJs and lighting designers the ability to sync lighting visuals with live audio seamlessly. SoundSwitch is a powerful tool that allows you to create customized lighting effects and cues along side and in time with music files. It has been designed with timeline editing tools familiar to anyone with experience using audio or graphic design software providing a user experience that is both functional and familiar. SoundSwitch gives DJs the tools to create their own lighting displays and the connection to play these back without compromising the freestyle nature of their live performance. It puts live control in the DJs hands and enables them to play any song, in any order, while their lighting remains in sync.


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  • Plug and play interface that automatically syncs lighting with the music

  • All lights sync with the beat grid right out of the box and no programming is required

  • Compatible with both audio and video formats and allows the DJ to concentrate on their performance

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing iTunes, Serato and Virtual DJ libraries

  • Works with all Serato and Virtual DJ functions including scratching, loops, fading, pitch bend, etc.

  • Cloud based fixture library updates automatically

  • Little lighting knowledge makes big beautiful shows

  • Compatible with Windows® and Mac OS X systems

Chauvet DJ SoundSwitch

    • DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
    • Input Voltage: 5 V, USB
    • Weight: 0.9 lb (0.4 kg)
    • Size: 5 x 3.1 x 1.5
    • Dimensions: 128mm x 79mm x 38 mm
    • Approvals: CE, FCC
    • DMX Refresh Rate: 35 Hz



    • SoundSwitch DMX interface
    • USB cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • SoundSwitch sticker


Product Rating

“By far the best service I’ve ever experienced. I was importing a product to Canada and the whole experience was quick, easy and seamless. These guys really care about running a good business. Not to mention the price was cheaper than the stores here even after importing. Definitely will do more business in the future.” 

—  Philip Manzon

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