Room 1 was installed and supplied by GDS Sound and Light.
2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000
1 x Pioneer DJM 900
4 x Funktion One Resolution 4EC
2 x Funktion One F218
2 x Funktion One F88 (Infill’s)
2 x High-end custom monitors
1 x XTA DP448 Processor (Main System)
1 x XTA DP444 Processor (Monitors and Infill’s)
2 x Mc2 E45 Amplifier
2 x Mc2 E25 Amplifier
1 x Mc2 E4-75 Amplifier
All cabling and brackets where supplied and fitted by GDS.

Room 2 was only fitted by GDS not supplied.
2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000 (Supplied by GDS)
1 x Pioneer DJM 900 (Supplied by GDS)
4 x Martin Audio AQ12
4 x Martin Audio AQ8
1 x XTA DP424 Processor (Supplied by GDS)
1 x QSC QX3 Amplifier
2 x QSC QX5 Amplifier
All Cabling and Plugs were Supplied by GDS

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